Persona 5 Royal brushes with greatness with Yusuke Kitagawa


Well, on to the next triumph

Atlus has dropped the next in its series of trailers re-introducing fans to the stars of hit RPG Persona 5, ahead of the launch of updated release Persona 5 Royal, which hits Japan this fall. Following on from trailers starring Ryuji and Ann, today sees the return of tortured artist Yusuke Kitagawa.

As the only member of The Phantom Thieves to not attend Shujin Academy, Yusuke studies art over at Kosei High. After approaching Joker and friends with the desire to paint Ann’s portrait, Yusuke’s sad past and troubled present rears its head. This leads to an eventual encounter with fraudulent art master Madarame, followed by Yusuke’s joining of The Phantom Thieves. Stoic, dramatic – often melodramatic – Yusuke has a sharp eye for observation, a ruthlessness in battle, and a tactical way of thinking, becoming steadfast friends with Joker and company.

In the above trailer, as with previous examples, we see Yusuke in new situations such as burying Ryuji at the beach, rocking his new winter ensemble at Cafe Leblanc, and admiring the beautiful painting “Sayuri”, which appears to be now on display at the gallery. We also see Yusuke’s suitably dramatic team-up attack, which has he and Ann create a still-life masterpiece in battle.

Persona 5 Royal launches on PS4 in Japan October 31, before heading west in 2020.