Persona 5 Royal sends you to bed with the wily Morgana



Atlus has fired out another trailer for its upcoming re-release Persona 5 Royal, getting us reacquainted with the lads ‘n’ lasses that make up the band of protagonists known as The Phantom Thieves. Today sees the return of the half-cat, half-bus, all alarm clock feline, Morgana.

Morgana is first encountered by Joker and Ryuji within Persona 5‘s first palace, lingering in a dungeon. After freeing the sharp-tongued kitty, Morgana joins the team, becoming intolerably expositional for the story’s first half. Although fearless and competent in combat, Morgana suffers from crippling self-doubt and identity issues, for which he over-compensates with foolish and reckless ego. At heart, however, Morgana is a vital component to the team’s make-up, a genius in many respects, and a friend-to-the-end companion to Joker.

In the new trailer, we get to see Morgana hanging at a food festival with the boys and flirting with the love of his life, Lady Ann. No new winter wardrobe for the kitty, but we do get to see his Persona take its third form, “Diego.” Although there are no sightings in this specific clip, fan rumours persist that a human version of Morgana will make an appearance in Persona 5 Royal. We shall see…

Persona 5 Royal launches in Japan for PS4 on October 31, before heading west sometime in 2020.