Persona Dancing titles reveal male cross-dressing DLC along with downloadable Velvet Room attendants


Attendants not just there to monitor the cloakroom

In an article in Japanese publication Famitsu, Atlus revealed screenshots of two more characters coming to their groovy Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night games. Also featured is some neat cross-dressing gear for the male cast.

*Minor Persona 5 spoilers. It’s been over a year, but, still…*

Theodore and Lavenza are featured in Persona 3 and Persona 5 respectively as Velvet Room attendants, assisting Igor and the protagonist in the creation of new Personas, as well as doing boring shit like data entry and arranging the cupcakes for staff birthdays. Probably. Regardless, they won’t just be standing to one side in the new games, and will be getting their groove on along with everybody else.

Speaking of “everybody else”, other pictures in the article reveal a range of cross-dressing DLC for the male characters of both games. These include a cute schoolgirl outfit (complete with Lady Ann’s hair) for P5’s Ryuji, cheerleader gear for P3’s Junpei, and P5’s Joker in crazy getup that’s reminiscent of This is the New Shit-era Marilyn Manson.

P3’s protagonist gets a maid’s outfit, which is lovely, but there’s still no sign of the P3 female protagonist. There’s still time for her to show up to the ball however, because if one thing’s for sure it’s that these games, like Dancing All Night before them, aren’t shy on the ol’ DLC.Theodore, Lavenza and cross-dressing outfits for Persona titles [Persona Central / Famitsu]