Pet Semetary rises from cursed land in first trailer for new adaptation


Yea, dead is always better than zombies. ALWAYS.

The scariest child in cinematic history is Miko Hughes (“that kid” from the ’90s) in the original Pet Semetary. Screw that kid and his terrorizing of my childhood dreams. It looks, however, like there’s a new host of creepy children set to infiltrate my dreams as the remake of Pet Semetaryis putting a whole bunch of them in creepy masks and marching them into the middle of some sort of cursed burial ground where the dead come back to life and cats stare at you like serial killers. Great.

Honestly, this might be one of my favorite trailers in recent memory. Not only does it build wonderfully, actually creep me out, and feature solid editing, but it also doesn’t give away the damn plot. For anyone who has read the book or seen the original film, there’s plenty of foreshadowing here, but man is this thing made to only tell you enough, but not give away everything. I’m sure they’ll ruin all that by releasing five more trailers that give everything away, but for now, we can bask in the glory of a good trailer.

As for the movie itself, it’s hard to say if it’s going to be any good. DirectorKevin Kölsch doesn’t really have that much experience outside of shorts and TV so that’s a big question mark. The style is clearly going for anItfeel, the trailer font is straight out of Stranger Things, and that opening dialog is cliche AF (yes, still happening) so originality doesn’t seem to be a strong suit so far. However, the quality of the trailer makes me want to see this badly for some reason. King’s books can work so well as movies when done right, and I’m thinking this one is done right for some reason.

Pet Semetarymakes us afraid of our pets again on April 5, 2019.