Phantasy Star Online 2 is having a rough PC launch, here's some helpful tips


The most common error codes

Phantasy Star Online 2 launched onApril 14 of this year on Xbox One, and although there’s a few quality of life upgrades on my wish list, things were mostly stable. The PC edition that arrived just this past week on May 27: not so much.

After a number of folks had issues even logging in, much less keeping the Windows 10 build (which is the only PC option right now) stable, Sega has acknowledged the problems and opened up a landing site for players. The page instructs users on what to do for numerous error codes, from downloading the game from the Windows Store to sign-in bugs to patch problems.

A lot of the strife seems to stem from the Widows Store. While Microsoft was instrumental in bringing this classic west, they also need to be on top of the impending fixes so people can jump back in as soon as possible. You can find those instructions below, but the unofficial PSO2 Tweaker might help.

Then there’s the stuttering in-game, once you conquer all of those error codes. Sega is working directly with the development team to implement fixes for that on June 10.

Windows 10 Issue Report [PSO2]

“Code: 0x80072EE2” and “Code: 0x800704c6″

These errors occur when downloading Phantasy Star Online 2 from the Microsoft Store.

  • Please try the following actions, which could you solve the problem:
    1. Update the Microsoft Store app.
    2. Please wait and try to download at a later time. Access to the Microsoft Store might be exceeding its capacity.
  • If this issue persists, select the Windows key + F key to launch the Feedback Hub. Please send a report to Microsoft in theFeedback Hubwith the following information:
    1. Summarize your issue: Phantasy Star Online 2 (Windows Store)
    2. Give us more detail (optional): Please describe the issue that you have experienced.
  • Choose Category: Please select“Gaming and Xbox” and “Game Installation.”

The error message “File system error (-2015294512)”

Please make sure that the sign-in information is the same in all three of the following:

  • Sign-in information in the Microsoft Store. (The user sign-in information that appears when you select your profile picture on the top right corner of the Microsoft Store.)
  • Sign-in information on Windows 10, found in“Settings > Accounts > Email & Accounts > Add a Microsoft Account”.
  • Sign-in information found in”Xbox Console Companion > Settings > Account”.

Error message “LastError:1813”

There is a possibility that you may not be running the game as administrator. Please enable administrator privileges and try starting the game again.

Errors “[No.140]” and “[No.106]”

These errors can occur while downloading the patch file. Please try one of the following actions, which can help you resolve the problem:

  • Please try rebooting your PC.
  • Please update the graphics driver, sound driver, and other drivers to the latest version.
    1. Please contact your PC manufacturer or parts manufacturer for information on how to update the graphics driver.
  • Please make sure that your security software or firewall is not blocking Phantasy Star Online 2’s communication.
    1. If blocked, please remove Phantasy Star Online 2’s installation folder from the monitored software.
  • After uninstalling the software, please try to reinstall it again with administrator privileges.
  • If you try all of the above, but the issue remains, please notify your internet service provider that you cannot download the file. The security settings of your internet service provider may be affecting the download or installation process.