Phil Spencer keeps shuttin' down idiots


Calmly and politely, of course

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer is a man who is always on his PR A-game. He is the pure embodiment of PR, possibly not even human. I could probably be convinced that Microsoft created him in a lab while in pursuit of the perfect creature who never misspeaks. That’s Phil.

As such, Phil (we’re on a first-name basis) seemingly gets free rein on Twitter because no one is worried that he’ll say the wrong thing. Phil ain’t gonna fuck up; Phil’s got this. He’s a wild stallion galloping through the Twitterverse, glorious mane flowing in the wind.

Every now and then, Phil goes on a streak of talking to a whole bunch of fans before going back to running one of the biggest video game platform-holders. Sometimes people are nice and sometimes people are mean. Sometimes people just suck.

One person asked Phil what games he’s looking forward to. Among them is Uncharted 4. A reply came in saying “‘Xbox Head’ talking about how great UC4 will be, just wave the white flag already. This is embarrassing sad to say.” Phil shot back “We should all applaud when a team does something special. Those who hope for [a] team to fail due to platform aren’t real gamers.”

Ha! Now the whole world thinks this guy isn’t a real gamer. Classic.

This isn’t anything new for Phil either. Just last month, he shut down some guy who vowed not to buy Quantum Breakbecause it was also coming to Windows 10 PC. The lesson here is that you probably shouldn’t come at Phil on Twitter. You’re going to lose.

@XboxP3 [Twitter]