Pikuniku is free right now on Epic Games Store


Boots Radical

If you’re yet to check out Sectordub’s charming and hilarious indie hit Pikuniku then you might be pleased to hear that it is currently available on PC, free-of-charge, via the Epic Games Store.

Originally released by Devolver Digital in January 2019, Pikuniku sees players guide an odd-looking armless fella – “Piku” – through a simplistic and colourful world, solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles with the aid of some lateral thinking and a swift kick in the backside. A co-operative multiplayer mode sees a friend step into the gangly legs of Piku’s orange pal, Niku, with the duo using the teamwork to pick/kick their way through the game world.

Pikuniku received praise from both critics and fans for its lovable and amusing characters, quirky visual style, silly sense of humour and low-intensity gameplay. It’s a short ride, but a cheerful one definitely worth taking, especially at the generous price of nothing.

Pikuniku is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch.