Pinball FX 3's Williams tables will feature Classic and all-new Remastered modes


These tables are (special when) lit

Zen Studios has released details on their first Williams tables pack for their excellent pinball simulator Pinball FX 3. The pack will contain four classic real-life pinbal machines that lit up many an arcade in the ’90s.

Williams Pinball Volume One will include Fish Tales, Junk Yard, High Speed II: The Getaway and the classic Medieval Madness. Fish Tales is free for all as an introductory bonus, and the pack is set to run about $10. But that’s not all. Zen has also revealed that each Williams table will be playable in Classic and all-new Remastered modes.

Classic will see the table play just like it did in the arcade, whereas remastered will include new visual effects designed by Zen including new visuals and animated 3D models. For example, the static dragon on Medieval Madness’ right ramp will now roar, flap its wings and breathe fire, whilst The Getaway will feature an angry cop at the plunger and a flaming trail when the ball redlines. Both editions of the tables are included in the purchase.

Pinball FX 3 is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. Williams Pinball Volume One launches October 9.