Pinball FX3 now runs much better on Nintendo Switch


New update enables 1080p when docked

Zen Studios excellent Pinball FX3 came to the Nintendo Switch in December of last year and unfortunately ran afoul of poor visual clarity when docked, as well as framerate issues when in handheld mode.

At first there was some back and forth over whether Zen were going to be able to fix the situation. But, now, digital pinball players can rejoice, as a new update has rolled out for Pinball FX3 on Switch that bumps the game’s resolution to 1080p when docked, as well as ramping the framerate to 60fps when you decide to go portable.

The new update also implements a host of tweaks and bug fixes that were delivered to other platforms in April. You can check out the full patch notes right here. I’ve enjoyed Pinball FX for many years, having always found its unique and forward-thinking approach to table design fascinating. It’s good to hear that now Switch owners can experience the simulator as intended.

A huge #NintendoSwitch update is live for @PinballFX 3! Enjoy the game in fluid 60 FPS in handheld mode, and in 1080p in docked mode. Lots of new features and fixes also released! Check out the full list here:

— Zen Studios (@zen_studios) May 3, 2018