PixelJunk Monsters 2 is getting a season pass and Danganronpa DLC


Danganronpa DLC you say?

SoPixelJunk Monsters 2 is getting a season pass, and considering that I was going to absolutely destroy it later this month and comb over every bit of it, I’m okay with more content on the way.

Publisher Spike Chunsoft confirmed earlier today that the season pass will run you $7.99, and will contain two DLCs — the Encore Pack, and the Danganronpa Pack (due to Spike Chunsoft’s collaboration with developer Q-Games). If you opt for the complete edition you’ll get everything for $21.99, but for now, the DLCs will run you $4.99 each.

Both packs promise a new stage or challenge, with Encore providing a new missile tower and Danganronpa providing a mana tower. You’ll also be able to nab free golden outfits from launch until June 7, and Spike Chunsoft is still working out the details for a limited edition physical copy.

DLC or no DLC I’m just happy the Monsters series is still alive after all this time. It would have been a shame if it was just relegated to the realm of Facebook or a fizzled mobile project.