Planet Coaster's new alpha opens up coaster building and terrain editing


Time to give this another look

I’ve tinkered with Planet Coaster‘s first “early-bird” alpha build and while it wasn’t far enough along for me to get terribly invested in my theme park, it did leave me feeling optimistic about what’s to come. The crowds look fantastic, and I just generally like where Frontier Developments is headed with this game (doubly so in light of how RollerCoaster Tycoon World is turning out).

The second alpha build is available this week, and most notably it enables terrain sculpting and advanced coaster construction. Exactly what I was waiting for! You’ll be able to punch holes in the ground, raise the earth, and even fashion floating islands. There are some other new scenery editing options as well, and curved elevated paths. Never underestimate the importance of a good floor plan.

Looking ahead, the third phase of the alpha should be ready sometime this summer, and then Frontier will have the final version out in Q4 2016. That’s going to be the best bet for most of you — this work-in-progress build is a pricey $74.99, but the finished Planet Coaster will launch at $49.99.