PlatinumGames Super Summer Festival live stream scheduled for August 28


World of Demons, Sol Cresta, and Wonderful 101

PlatinumGames has announced that it will be holding its own super-duper live stream presentation this coming weekend. The PlatinumGames Super Summer Festival will see the beloved studio offer up fresh news and footage of three of the Japanese developer’s releases: World of Demons, Sol Cresta, and The Wonderful 101: Remastered.

The live stream will be available in Japanese and English and will feature new updates on the above titles, as well as various chatter with a huge panel of PlatinumGames producers, artists, and composers. There is no mention of any big surprises or major reveals, only updates for Platinum’s current crop of titles.. so perhaps keep your Bayonetta 3 hype in check for now. I think we’d be more likely to see that on a bigger, more international platform.

The Super Summer Festival kicks off on PlatinumGames YouTube channel Friday, August 27 at 20:00 PT / 23:00 ET.