Play the fan-made 3D remake of Legend of Zelda before it's too late


3D Zelda for 30 years

Before Form Software was acutely aware of the oil vein it’d hit with Demon’s Souls in early 2009, the studio published Silicon Studio’s (Bravely Default) 3D Dot Game Heroes for the tail end of the year. It was a 3D riff on the original Legend of Zelda that no one seemed to care about in Japan, though it managed to do okay when Atlus brought it west.

If it was too on the nose, modern, or badly-named for you — or maybe it’s just lacked the childhood-memory-inducing music — then try The Legend of Zelda 30-Year Tribute. It was created by a duo of fans (programmer Scott Lininger, artist Mike Magee), uses voxels to recreate the original game in 3D (like Dot Game Heroes), and works right in your computer or phone browser, no download required.

Of course, Nintendo is Nintendo, which means this thing, which isn’t even finished yet, can be shut down at any point in time. Maybe even before I can finish writing this pos.