Playable Ewoks are coming to Star Wars Battlefront II


New mode next week and Season Two planned for May

DICE is planning a new limited-time event for Star Wars Battlefront II that pits a squad of stormtroopers against spear-wielding Ewoks and that’s just the kind of silly thing to get me back into the game.

The Ewok Hunt mode will be playable starting next Wednesday, April 18. If you start the match as a stormtrooper, you’ll get to blast the critters to your heart’s content. But, should you fall in battle, you’ll respawn as an Ewok. If all of the Empire’s troops are wiped out, the Ewoks win. Sounds entertaining.

The update also marks the return of Crystals, Battlefront II‘s real-world currency used to buy “appearances” for heroes, villains, and troopers. (Cosmetics are also purchasable with in-game Credits.)

Beyond the recent progression overhaul and next week’s Ewok Hunt, DICE will be moving back into working on seasons. These will center around a theme like a new movie or an anniversary and “usually span multiple months.” Season Two is set for May, with “details a little closer to the time.” Solo?

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