PlayStation 4 is getting a nostalgic PS2-style theme


It’s due out December 6

I’m not sure how many of you mess around with alternate themes, but this new “Legacy Dashboard” dynamic theme for PlayStation 4 is going to turn some heads. It brings back fond PS2 memories.

The theme was put together by Truant Pixel “with input from [Sony Interactive Entertainment] US, Japan, and Naughty Dog,” and it’ll be $2.99 when it releases on December 6, 2017.

“After multiple prototypes over the last two years, each of which were designed to mimic functional aspects of the PS2 Dashboard, we have been given the opportunity to combine multiple disparate elements into a single piece of theme software which mimics the sights, sounds, and functionality of the PlayStation 2 Dashboard. […] Additionally, original audio has been taken from the PS2 hardware and recreated in the background ambience and custom keynotes for this theme.”

This seems like a real labor of love, but the end result was worth it.

PS2 Legacy Dashboard Dynamic theme coming Dec 6 [ResetEra]