PlayStation 5 can give you a heads-up when your wishlist games are on sale


Which means I might actually use the wishlist feature now

If you’ve got a bunch of PS4 or maybe even PS5 games filed away on your PlayStation Store wishlist but you’re finding it to be a pain to stay on top of deals, here’s a heads-up directly from Sony: there’s a way to get alerts when a game on your wishlist goes on sale.

As spotted by Siliconera, the PS5 supports “push notifications for Wishlist Updates,” and when the time comes, you should see a pop-up in the top-right corner of your screen.

Stay up-to-date with PS Store offers:☑️ Add games to your PS Store Wishlist☑️ Enable push notifications for Wishlist Updates on PS App or PS5 console☑️ Get notified when it's time to save

— PlayStation (@PlayStation) November 10, 2021

These wishlist notifications apply to the PlayStation Store on PS5 — as in, the console, not the browser-based store. There’s also alerts via the PlayStation App. So if you’re a “browsing the PS4 only” sorta person, you’re out of luck on this one.

As someone who doesn’t use the PS App and would preferably never need to, I’ve yet to build up a wishlist on my PS5 simply because it didn’t seem that useful to me. With the ability to get notifications about deals, I may have to start forming that habit. As is, even as someone who keeps tabs on PlayStation Store sales, I’m sure there are plenty of games I want to play that run through discounts without me realizing it.

There’s more work to be done with the PlayStation Store on PS5 specifically (to say nothing of the console’s user-experience features in general), but this’ll get some use. It’s wild to think that such seemingly basic features — that would actively encourage players to spend more money and time gaming — are still trickling in. (Themes next?)

While we’re at it, I’d like to echo all the folks on Twitter who want PlayStation Store gifting.