PlayStation Now just got two big names: Resident Evil 7 and Final Fantasy XV


Also WWE 2K19 and Observation

It’s hard to believe that PlayStation Now kicked off at the start of 2014. Hell, I can’t believe PlayStation Plus was implemented in 2010.

Sony has a lot of little programs (just like Microsoft, with Game Pass Ultimate!) so it can be hard to keep track of everything, but PlayStation Now (otherwise known as PS Now) is their cloud-based subscription service that’s not quite as enticing as Game Pass; given that Microsoft’s program includes huge day-one first-party releases. This week, PS Now is getting a few more games though.

In addition to WWE 2K19(the prior, not-completely-broken-one) and Observation, Resident Evil 7and Final Fantasy XVare arriving on the service. While Resident Evil 7is pretty much the new darling of the series, beloved by everyone, FFXVis a bit more polarizing. But take heart! If you’re a JRPG fan and have a lot of extra time to get sucked into a world, you may enjoy it yet. Go in with an open mind and give it a shot.

PS Now’s September Lineup [PlayStation Blog]