PS VR2 shows off its rounded headset design and vent in first look


Ponder the orb

Sony has revealed a first look at the design of its PlayStation VR2 headset. It’s sleek, and also quite orb-like. That’s on purpose.

In a PlayStation Blog post, Sony’s senior VP of Platform Experience Hideaki Nishino says the PS VR2 headset is designed to have a similar shape to its controllers. The PS VR2 Sense controller has an orb-like shape, and the rounded edges are similar to what Sony’s done with the DualSense and Pulse headset.

It’s not just aesthetic, though. Nishino writes that Sony considered feedback on the ergonomics of the headset, working to balance the weight. There will also be a lens adjustment dial, adjustable scope, and an overall slimmer design.

PlayStation VR 2 headset side view with controllers

Strangely enough, alongside the motors and adjustments, the PS VR2 headset also has a vent. Sony senior art director Yujin Morisawa writes that he wanted to create a vent in the headset, between the top and front surface of the scope, similar to the vent in the PlayStation 5. The idea is to allow air to vent out and prevent lenses from fogging up during play. Nice, especially for those who play more intense work-out games like Beat Saber orĀ Pistol Whip.

The pre-order site for the PS VR2 went live not long after some details went live at Sony’s 2022 CES presentation. With a full headset design to show off now, pre-orders seem a little bit more solid.

As someone who already owns one headset (an Oculus / Meta Quest 2), I dig the design of the PS VR2. It seems a little bit more balanced, and the straps look pretty comfy. Even the idea of using those special Sense controllers, rather than the PlayStation Move controllers, seems interesting.

No date’s been set yet for the launch of Sony’s second VR headset.