PlayStation Vita still exists in The Last of Us Part II


Hotline Miami is a death sentence

Naughty Dog just finished up giving us an extended look at The Last of Us Part II, and there wasn’t a major takeaway. Unlike the Ghost of TsushimaState of Play a few weeks ago, The Last of Usis a fairly known quantity. No one has been left wondering what to expect from this game.

However, in an eight-minute extended sequence, we got confirmation that the PlayStation Vita is still alive and well in The Last of Us‘ world — even if the rest of civilization isn’t. Ellie sneaks up on a woman who’s playing her Vita and, after forcing some intel out of her, sticks a knife in her neck. The last game that woman ever played? Hotline Miami.

The extended gameplay part starts at14:25in the video above; the Vita makes its cameo around15:54.

As for the rest of the video, well, it’s brutal. Ellie lights a dog on fire and it makes the most tortured yelp. Then she smacks someone in the face with a spiked club. It goes on like that until Ellie finally finds who she’s looking for. The Last of Us Part IIis already a frontrunner for 2020’s Feel-Bad Game of the Year.