We're streaming Pokemon Brilliant Diamond


Chimchar for life

HELLO YES IT’S HERE, I’ve been waiting for this game for TEN YEARS, let’s gooooooo! Pokemon Brilliant Diamond is now owned by: me, and will be played accordingly on tonight’s stream.

Seriously though, Sinnoh is one of my favorite regions for so many reasons; it was incredibly innovative with the new DS technology (so I wonder what will translate to Switch as I hear it’s a pretty spot-on remake), really great Pokemon and routes to explore, and the absolute MUSIC of it all! I’m gonna feel so joyful and at home to see all the little changes while still being on-brand to the originals we love. I also purposefully stayed in the dark as much as I could with this game just to have a super fresh experience, so I can’t wait! It’s here! What’s your favorite thing about gen 4? Tell me in chat tonight!

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