Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl kept the Flower Paradise, which you can access with a glitch


Hello, surf right in

Old-school fourth-gen players will likely remember the Pokemon Flower Paradise zone: a special area that houses the mythical creature Shaymin. The Flower Paradise was only¬†meant for people to access via an item called “Oak’s Letter,” which is an event item that essentially “unlocked” the chance to meet Shaymin. Of course, people have been brute-forcing their way in since the DS era, including in the new Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remakes.

Confirmed by EternalMemes30 on Reddit, the Pokemon Flower Paradise can be entered via using a surf glitch. As the community has pointed out, you can bug game areas using in-game tools, without hacks.

How to find Shaymin and the Flower Paradise in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl:

  • First, you’ll want the National Dex, and you’ll want to become Champion of Sinnoh (read: finish the core storyline).
  • Then you’ll head to Route 224. Do not battle the black belt trainer wandering around the beach, near a series of rock formations: saving here is a good idea to ensure you don’t mess up the glitch.
  • Defeat the three specific trainers near the black belt trainer (the bug trainer, the ace trainer with green hair, and the spinning dragon trainer).
  • Go near the beach and position yourself below the big rock so that the black belt trainer engages you: mash A at this point.
  • A prompt will pop up asking you if you want to surf, even though you’re on land: accept it.
  • Move slightly with the analog stick (going too fast will demount you).
  • Go past the three trainers and into the staircase near the dragon trainer, then surf into the upper left-hand corner of the stairs.
  • Maneuver around the stairs so that you are floating in the air: then head left until you dismount in the water to the left.
  • You can surf anywhere in here (the Seabreak Path): surf to the east, then run north until you reach the Flower Paradise.

Boom, you’ll be able to surf glitch into the Pokemon Flower Paradise zone. Classic glitch! You can save right before Shaymin and try your luck.