Of course Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl has a dupe glitch


It’s tradition

Shortly after Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl launched, a Pokemon dupe glitch was discovered. Classic!

Spotted on Reddit days ago, and on YouTube by way of Orcastraw on November 23, the process is relatively straightforward, and requires no hacking or modding of any kind.

  • Head to the Solaceon daycare, then pull up your boxes.
  • Have two Pokemon in the same position in different boxes (so lower right-hand corner of box 1 and box 2).
  • Then take one of them and put it in the battle box.
  • The other Pokemon will be placed in the daycare. Select it, but before you leave the menu, press “box list,” press Y and swap the slots they’re placed in, then deposit the Pokemon.
  • Re-open the boxes, then go to the battle box. Take a Pokemon you’re going to delete and insert it, then take the Pokemon you want to clone and add it to the team list.
  • Then view the summary screen of the Pokemon you added. It has been cloned.

Now that this has been widely shared on social media, it’s likely that Nintendo will squash this bug sometime in the coming weeks, but people can still do it with the 1.0 edition of the game if they want.