Pokemon Go's April 'Community Event' is a bit sheepy


Woolen, even

[Header courtesy of PokeWalls]

Pokemon Go is set to have another community day next month for a chance to catch a particularly rare creature. Not following any common theme, sheep Pokemon “Mareep” will be dotting maps on April 15 from 2:00 – 5:00 pm EDT. Along with finally being able to evolve the woolly wonder, Niantic is also giving trainers extra incentives to get out and walk.

All egg incubators will work four times as fast, meaning 10 KM eggs will hatch in 2.5 KM, etc. Lures will also be active for three hours (basically the duration of the event) and any Flaaffy’s that get evolved into Ampharos during the event will learn a special move for battle (which is currently not being disclosed). While that last bit isn’t really that special, incubators working that much faster is definitely awesome. If only I had that last week on vacation…

Community Day [Pokemon Go Live]