Pokemon Sword and Shield put in an impossible to catch Magikarp for April Fools'


Slow clap

I’m always itching to jump back intoPokemon Sword and Shield, even though I’ve pretty much exhausted everything I can do at this point.

Whether it’s messing around with expeditions or hopping into new Max Raid Battles, the call of getting a slightly different Pokemonis always there. And that’s by design! But this time, for April Fools’, folks were greeted with something else entirely.

You know how the game has Max Raid Battles from time to time? Well to add insult to injury, they were changed to allow Magikarp to be caught in every raid. And on top of that, he’s unable to caught. Yep, Game Freak just trolled the entire playerbase.

I can imagine someone playing randomly, or maybe a newcomer trying to make sense of the situation, then slowly going “ooooooohh.” These sorts of harmless pranks make up for a lot of the other nonsense this week! Though I’m sure some people aren’t happy that the game is having any semblance of fun and want Game Freak to add the rest of the Pokedex in still.

I really wonder how the next game is going to go if the full ‘Dex isn’t in.

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