PSA: Grab a free Squirtle and Bulbasaur through Pokemon Sword and Shield and Pokemon Home


It takes a few seconds and stacks

All has been quiet on the Pokemon front as we wait for the new set of remakes and Legends, but for now, you can snag some classic generation one creatures through a very easy to navigate Pokemon Home promo (and beyond).

In honor of Pokemon Home‘s 1.4.0 edition, you can get a free Gigantamax Squirtle and Gigantamax Bulbasaur. Just log in, go to the gift section, and they’ll literally be waiting there on a list. To redeem them, just tap them and they’ll go in a box. Make sure that you have the space if you’re not premium anymore. But you can also avoid all of that entirely.

So I saw all of that by logging into Pokemon Home, but thanks to this Reddit post from Expert-Leopard-3730, we also know that the promo does not require Home at all. Instead, if you log into Pokemon Sword and Shield, you can grab both of them through the mystery gift -> get through internet menu. Also, like many other promos, this works for Sword and Shield, so if you own both games you can do it twice. Or three times, with Home.

Here’s the Squirtle:

And here’s the Bulbasaur: