You can pre-load Pokemon Unite on Switch right now


The Pokemon Unite pre-load period is a go

Did you forget about Pokemon Unite?! Well, it’s a MOBA from Tencent, so I wouldn’t blame you. It’s actually set to debut tomorrow on Switch, but before that happens, you can do a good old fashioned Pokemon Unite pre-load right now on the eShop.

This 5v5 MOBA will clock in at 928MB for the pre-load, and you can find the link to grab it right here. Or, you can search for Pokemon Unite on the Switch eShop. Given that it’s free, if you have multiple Switch units in your household, you may as well load them all up and give it a go with friends/family when the clock strikes “launch” tomorrow.

I’m kind of on the fence about this whole thing. I mean a Pokemon MOBA probably could have been pretty big years ago. But Tencent poops out predatory MOBAs multiple times a year in the modern era, and I hope that this one actually sticks around. The Tencent subsidiary that’s making it, TiMi Studio Group, has a mixed track record at best.

The Pokemon name will be enough for a lot of people though, and who knows, it could be good! I’ll be there day one to try it as a MOBA fiend.