Pokemon Unite will get Dragonite as part of its holiday festivities


The Unite arena will be filled with holiday cheer, and also snowmen

Pokemon Unite will be celebrating the season from this month into next, and a beefy slew of updates are on the way to make it all happen. Alongside the previously announced Tsareena, Dragonite will also enter Pokemon Unite as a playable Pokemon later this month.

From Dec. 15 through Jan. 16, 2022, players can log on to get special gifts and rewards in Pokemon Unite. Of particular interest will be a free Pokemon: Tsareena’s Unite license will be available for free between Dec. 9 and Dec. 31.

Then, on Dec. 20, Dragonite arrives in Pokemon Unite. Both are melee-focused All-Rounders, so congratulations to those holding out for some new brawlers to play.

The holiday festivities are about to begin! Take a look at all the snow-filled fun we have in store for you in #PokemonUNITE: https://t.co/yzSg8BZCoW pic.twitter.com/5LtTetSbPe

— Pokémon UNITE (@PokemonUnite) December 8, 2021

If you aren’t looking for an All-Rounder, there’s still plenty to do. The Illumination Challenge, running Dec. 15 through Jan. 16, will let you complete missions to light up a holiday tree and earn rewards. Likewise, the Photo Challenge (running Dec. 24 through Jan. 6) will add more challenges and rewards too.

Another Quick Battle map will also arrive, similar to the pumpkin-flinging Halloween event. In the Snowball Battle in Shivre City, you’ll be able to snowball other Pokemon to turn them into snowmen. (Snow-Pokemon? Snow-mon?) It sounds a little frustrating, but Delibirds will also appear in the arena, rewarding special one-time battle items to use. Plus, Avalugg gets replaced by the legendary bird Articuno.

There are also a bunch of log-in gifts you can read about on the Pokemon Unite blog here too. Basically, it sounds like there are a lot of reasons to be logging onto Pokemon Unite for the holiday season. You know, aside from avoiding family time or something.