PSA: Pokemon Unite is getting Tsareena this week, and you can unlock it for free (Update)


Get it after the December 9 update

[Update: It’s live now! You just need to log into the game and you’ll net your free Pokemon Unite Tsareena license. You don’t need to wait until the reset, get it while it’s convenient, and keep in mind that there are more holiday events going on.]

Even if you aren’t actively playing Pokemon Unite, but intend to come back one day, you may as well try and log in daily. The game always has some sort of bonus going on, including the current Pokemon Unite Tsareena promo.

That promo is straight-up getting the character for free. If you log in after the planned December 9 update, you’ll earn the license to play it right away. No timeline for the promotion was given officially, yet.

Described by the team as “a powerful All-Rounder that will dance around the competition,” Tsareena has been fully revealed, with all its animations and moves on display in the trailer below. The fact that this character is an all-rounder is pretty important, as it’s the first DLC addition from that classification.

Movement seems to be key for the new addition, as do auto-attacks. I’m getting big Zeraora vibes based on the trailer, and the Unite move looks to be a killer direct takedown. Like many MOBA characters before it, at first glance, Tsareena could be a “duel” Pokemon that excels in one-on-one matchups. That sort of style is perfect for solo queuing, as you can potentially carry your team by picking off enemies. We’ll find out how things actually play out once Tsareena is in the mix this week.

No matter how you feel about the new character choice, make sure you take advantage of the Pokemon Unite Tsareena promo come December 9. Also don’t forget that you can claim a bunch of Aeos Tickets for free until December 31. You just need to log in two separate days to grab two sets of 2,021 ticket bonuses. This is on top of all of the aforementioned “weekly” login bonus promos, and the Tsareena bonus itself.