Pop-up Pokemon Centre coming to London this October


Start saving up, merch fans

British Pokémon fans might want to get themselves down to London this Autumn, as The Pokémon Company has announced that a “pop-up” version of their mega-merch selling Pokémon Centres will be appearing temporarily, just in time for the holidays.

Two promotional images of the upcoming retail palace feature an artist’s impression of the store, along with an image of Pikachu carrying an umbrella and wearing a bowler hat because England. While still adorable, he does admittedly resemble someone planning to move all of their accounts off-shore pre-Brexit.

The store will be situated in the Westfield shopping centre in Shepard’s Bush, London, between October 15 and November 18. With the centre only open for a single month, I can imagine that they’ll be raking in the cash from eager Pokemon fans, looking to capitalise on the store’s wares during its short lifespan.

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