Portal Stories: Mel mod gets a teaser, coming soon


Now THIS is my kind of downloadable content

Portal Stories: Mel isa lovely-lookingcommunity-made mod for Portal 2 that’s due out sometime in Q1 2015, according to the title’s store page.

The lengthy 20+ level modwill feature a new protagonist called (you guessed it) Mel, who will be partnered up with an all-new personality core and will ultimately face off against a “new, still unknown threat.”

The mod willalso feature custom story and dialogue, as well as new models, textures, animations and a really nifty-looking ’70s version of the Portal gun. Once released, the mod will be free for all owners of Portal 2.

After seeing this trailer all I want to do is play through thebase game again using that adorably clunky-looking ’70s Portal gun!