Postal 2, not Portal 2, got an expansion this week


I’m still struggling to read it correctly

I’ve never had much interest in playing Postal 2. Probably never will. And yet, every time it comes up, I have to see what’s going on. There’s a YouTube video of the bad-taste game entitled “Headless Gary Coleman Puke Party” and I watched it because of course I did. Who wouldn’t?

Developer Running With Scissors released a new expansion for Postal 2 this week on Steam called Paradise Lost, which is a little strange considering the original game launched back in 2003, but here we are. And here I am fighting with my fingers to type Postal instead of Portal.

Paradise Lost picks up a decade after Apocalypse Weekend and places the Dude at his old hometown. This is the part where I quote an excerpt from the official description: “Meet the many mysterious factions comprised of the towering, the miniature, the zombified, and everything in between and use your radiant people skills to attempt to ally yourself with their enigmatic leaders, ranging from former child stars to terrifying demonic udder-wielding beasts! Fierce Lawmen, crazed Bandits, deranged Doomsday Survivalists, and a phallic child’s toy mascot await.”

Right. Postal. The expansion is normally $7.99 but if you snag it by April 21, it’s $6.79.