Predicting Nintendo's next big crossover


It’s prognostication time

Somewhere on the slopes of Mount Nintendo there’s an oracle that straddles a chasm wherefrom vapors emerge. She speaks in tongues, relying on an intern to interpret her enigmatic ramblings. The system has its misfires (this is how things get named Wii U, for example), but relying on these portents and premonitions has kept Nintendo in business for over a century.

In recent years, the oracle has spawned a number of bizarre crossover concepts, culminating in the creation ofHyrule Warriors, Pokkén, andPuzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition.

It’s a fascinating trend, one I hope continues for a long time to come. Let’s assume that it does. Let’s make some wildly speculative predictions about what other mashups the future has in store.

The ideal

Nintendo vs. Capcom‘s nonexistenceis the crying baby in the airplane of my soul. It’s dreadful. Every moment this doesn’t happen is a moment wasted, another second closer to death. It’s the Ross and Rachel plotline of videogames. You’re perfect for each other. What are you waiting for?

The likely outcome

Maybe I discharged the Friends reference to soon. Mario and Sonic are thewill they/won’t they” story of the ages. Can’t you see it? The beloved mascots frolicking hand in hand through Green Hill Zone… It’s the stuff of dreams!Hopefully the plump plumber can keep up with the blue blur.

Other possibilities

Oracles huff toxic gas for a living; not all of their ideas are always lucid andscintillating. Maybe she maunders the days away with visions ofPikmin: Total War andKirbymari Damacyplaying in her head. Or perhaps its Tales of Fire Emblem her heart desires. Wait, wait! Jot these down!

The dark horse

“Metroidvania” is a term people bandy about a lot. Nintendo and Konami should get together, copyright the word, and charge a nickel every time it’s uttered. Or, you know, they could make a game where Samus crash-lands on a planet teeming with vampires. That would be just spiffy.

Final destination

Wario and Lara Croft both share an affinity for plundering treasure. It’s a match made in heaven.