Boy, it would sure be great if I could put this 2021 PS4 Pride theme on my PS5


Noah’s Arc the Lad

With a little more than a week to spare, Sony Interactive Entertainment has finally dropped its official PS4 Pride Theme for 2021. Announced today, along with more information on how PlayStation is celebrating Pride, the theme is available for free, and you can download it right now. I’m always down for a new theme, and while this one is certainly bright and cheery, I find it interesting Sony didn’t go the extra step to include the additional colors from the Progress Pride flag. Either way, I don’t think it’ll replace the “For All The Players” theme released a few years ago. That one is still tops in my book. Also, now that I have a PS5, I’m selling my PS4, so it really doesn’t matter as Sony’s current-gen console doesn’t support themes just yet.

PS4 Pride Theme 2021

The theme is nice, but I’m far happier with Sony’s engagement with LGBTQ organizations. As highlighted in a blog post, the company has partnered with GLAAD, The Trevor Project, Stonewall, Tokyo Rainbow Pride, Larkin Street Youth Services, and Tent. The post also details a PlayStation Store list of 50ish games with LGBTQ characters, themes, or experiences and a PlayStation Pride Playlist on Spotify. That alone is worth a listen as it’s chock full of classics like “Don’t Stop Me Now,” “Walk on the Wild Side,” and one of the greatest songs ever, “Freedom ’90.”