PS4 sales hit two million in the UK


Outstrips PS2 sales

So, we all know how the PS2 is the fastest-selling Sony console of all time in the UK? Well, not anymore. The PS4 has managed to hit two million sales in the UK this past weekend according to MCV, making it the fastest-selling Sony console ever in the UK.

“Reaching the milestone of two million PS4 consoles in the UK in less than 18 months is an achievement we are very proud of” said Fergal Gara, PlayStation UK managing director.

While we don’t have exact numbers for how long the Wii took to reach two million units sold in the UK, we do know that console sold 1.1 million units in nine months and 3.6 million units in two years, which suggests it probably reached the two million units mark faster than the PS4.

So, why do UK gamers love the PS4 so much? You know, besides Bloodborne.