PS4's timed-exclusive Red Dead Redemption 2 content isn't anything fancy


You aren’t missing out if you’re playing on Xbox One

There was talk of Red Dead Redemption 2 having some timed-exclusive content on PlayStation 4, and it’s true. PS4 players will have access to a few items 30 days before their Xbox One peers. But if you were worried you’d miss out on something substantial, don’t be! The content is fairly mundane.

The PS4 exclusive content for Red Dead Redemption 2

The first item on the list is the Grizzlies Outlaw outfit, which is available day one on October 26. It’s a cool enough look, but knowing me, I’ll swap it out as soon as I come across the next best thing. My goal in Red Dead Redemption 2 is to have a snakeskin jacket as a symbol of my individuality.

The next three early-access items for PS4 are all coming in November with the launch of Red Dead Online. There’s the Red Chestnut Arabian horse (a tier above the starter horses), an Alligator Skin Ranch Cutter saddle (with health and stamina boosts), and the High Roller Double-Action Revolver.

This stuff is fine, but when you remember all of the extras tacked onto the various special editions, it feels less significant. There will be plenty of outfits, horses, and guns in the base game, I’m sure.

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