PSA: Another massive, possibly game-changing event is happening in Fortnite today


At 1:30 PM ET

After several false starts, Fortnite is set to debut the next phase of its meta-narrative today at precisely 1:30PM ET. Fans were able to uncover a countdown timer this month that seemed to be leading toward an event at some point, but now it’s been confirmed that it’s actually really real this time.

Epic explains that this event will “only happen once” at the exact listed time, and you’ll need to actually be in-game, in a match, to witness it (or watch it later on the streaming/video platform of your choice).

So far Epic has done a great job of supporting Fortniteon pretty much all fronts. It has plenty of cosmetic content, but much of it is placed behind a reasonable season pass system that doesn’t feel like a cash grab. Its development team has been running laps around other studios, fulfilling fan requests and hastily responding to bugs that take some outfits months to patch. It also introduced Marvel’s Thanos into the fray among other micro-storylines that help keep the core map fresh.

Some projects are an overnight success because a celebrity shed a spotlight on it, and some earn it through months of dedication. While streaming stars have absolutely boosted Fornite‘s cachet, Epic has always been at the helm, steering the ship through the storm.