PSA: LawBreakers suffers from stuttering on PS4


I fought the law…

For anyone looking to nab LawBreakers on PS4 today, just be aware that the game currently suffers from some stuttering issues. While this is only coming from one source, its hard to argue with raw metrics that point out the issue. The developer, Boss Key, even admits they are aware of the problem, so you might as well be aware of it, too!

Upon booting up the game, you’ll see this message displayed at the menu. “We are currently aware and investigating a hitching issue on PS4 when joining/leaving a match or changing roles. Thanks for your understanding while we work to resolve the issue.” At least they aren’t shying away from the problem, but being aware of a problem and still shipping a game is plain odd.

Thing is, the error doesn’t occur in specific instances, like Boss Key has stated. According to Eurogamer, it can randomly happen and basically pauses the game for a third of a second. In their testing, it did not occur in custom games, so this may be a network error more than a system bug. You can even see in the graph below that the game drops pretty erratically, which is just unfortunate.

Still, I doubt this is going to be a problem for very long. Since LawBreakers is an online multiplayer shooter, it is going to be getting patches and tweaks for a little while. This just happens to be a launch issue, so just be wary today.

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