PSA: The Zelda Game & Watch has a My Nintendo code slip


For 300 Platinum Points

With the excitement of Shin Megami Tensei V launching on Switch this week, it’s easy to forget about the low-key launch of a new piece of Nintendo hardware. But with said hardware comes a little surprise: a Zelda Game & Watch code for My Nintendo points.

Nintendo sent us a copy in advance for the November 12 launch, and when I was picking the packaging apart, I noticed a little slip fell out that allows you to claim 300 Platinum Points. To redeem codes, head to the My Nintendo site. Then scroll all the way down (it’s not under “redeem points”) to the bottom of the page and click “redeem a point code.” Boom, it’ll add the points to your account.

If you want to be sure they were added, go to “point summary” at the bottom of the home page, then “points history.” The entry should be 300 points with the text “collected via point code.”

As a reminder, you can find our full Platinum Point guide here: bookmark it for when you need quick points for a reward, like the Metroid Dread poster two-pack. A handful of points is incredibly easy to get, as that’s basically just 15 minutes with Super Mario Run, or a quick sign-on to the 3DS or Wii U 3Shop. Also remember that any shipments are bundled together, so you can pay a flat rate for multiple items instead of paying it each time.

Just know that items go out of stock on My Nintendo frequently, and some are never restocked.