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PSA: Yakuza Kiwami is now free on PlayStation Plus

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The time has come.After a pretty rad leak back in early October, we learned that Yakuza Kiwami and Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition would be heralding November’s PlayStation Plus offerings, and as of right now they’re live.

Other free November PlayStation Plus games include Burly Men at Sea, Roundabout, Arkedo Series and Jackbox Party Pack 2. Burlyand Roundaboutare also free for Vita.Kiwamiis the clear highlight here, but don’t sleep on any of theJackbox Party Packs. They’re all great party games and collectively, contain some of the best multiplayer experiences around — grabbing the second here will most likely be a gateway into them.

While Kiwamiis no Yakuza 0, it is a fine rendition of the original Yakuzaentry and a decent place to start if you don’t already own the latter.If you don’t have PlayStation Plus at all: just know that it is coming to PC at some point.

PlayStation Plus [PSN]

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