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PSA: You can grab Arceus, the God of all Pokemon, starting today

Unfortunately it’s a GameStop event

As Jordan calls it, the “Monthly mythical ‘mons” train rolls on.

Along with July Shaymin is out, and Arceus is in.After two months of glorious, retail store free events on the Nintendo Network, now we have the unfortunate reality of GameStop cards, which as we all know by now, are scarce in some areas due to employee scalping.

If you plan on getting Arceus, I suggest going today as soon as your local store opens and grab a card.The good news is that GameStop is running another Pokemon event, with select merchandise, plushes, and rewards bonuses. In the UK, codes are printed on a receipt so you don’t have to stress about them running out (thanks Scoobie!).

As a reminder you can warp Arceus into both Pokemon X & Yand ORAS.

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