PSA: You might want some sort of good Switch d-pad solution for Cadence of Hyrule


But the default Joy-Con is completely doable

Cadence of Hyrule, like NecroDancer, is a game that relies on pressing a directional apparatus of some sort every second or less. But this time it’s not available on PC— only Switch— where your control options are limited, just as they were before with the console editions of NecroDancer.

After using an analog stick in Cadence to move around, a screen prompt informs you that a d-pad is preferable for more precise movements. But, as a general rule, the Joy-Con d-pad (which isn’t really a d-pad) just doesn’t cut it. That’s why you should plan ahead with something like a Hori d-pad controller (read: it’s a left Joy-Con that only works in portable mode) or a Pro remote with a proper d-pad.

That said, this is a double PSA (!): Cadenceof Hyruleis a lot more forgiving than its predecessor, and it is entirely possible to beat the entire game with an analog stick (you can beat the original with it for that matter). I did it myself for science, then swapped to TV mode to give the Pro a go. It can be done! But you might be a bit more finicky about it, so some prepared.