PSO 2 New Genesis is running a Sonic event next month (Update)


There’s free and paid stuff

[Update: The campaign is live today. You can find the layout of the daily login rewards below, which you’ll be greeted by when booting up the game (with a short clip of Roger Craig Smiths’ Sonic!). The front end of the pass is stamps, with Sonic earrings and shoes as the main events near the end.]

Sonic and PSO are best buds. Sega has been running Sonic collaborations for many years throughout the series, and now we’re getting another one in PSO 2 New Genesis next month.

Revealed as part of the NGS Headline stream (which is sort of like a Nintendo Direct for PSO), Sega unveiled a Sonic event that will kick off on September 1, and run through September 28 at 7PM PT.

A ton of items will be doled out for free via daily login bonuses, as well as a Tails MAG item “at a later date” if the campaign is popularized on Twitter enough. Sonic and Tails outfits, a Sonic spin motion emote, and tails accessories (actual twin tails) are in as premium items (if you use AC, or premium currency). Oh, and type “Zutomayo” into the main chat to unlock a free hairstyle and “head mount” accessory.

For more info, you can check out the bit in the NGS Headline video below, starting at 19:30. The next PSO 2 New Genesis headline stream is set for October 5.

Again, we’re a little ways away from the “big winter update” that will add a new area and significantly increase the level cap. This is all kind of laying the groundwork here, with the recent Braver class, as well as the upcoming Bouncer class. Hopefully once that update hits everyone will have more reasons to log into New Genesis, because the foundation is fantastic.

PSO 2 New Genesis