Psychological horror RPG Omori is alive and well


Technical issues have bogged down production

It has been a matter of years since we last touched on Omocat’s Kickstarter-funded project Omori, and while its release date remains elusive, even now, the team has been “extremely busy” working on the uncanny role-playing game. With news of a delay comes another trailer, thank goodness.

“Some RPGMaker MV updates have broken a lot of our plug-ins, all of which have had to be remade,” the creators said of the delay. “We were aiming to resolve our programming issues sooner, but it looks like that won’t be the case. For now, we will be fine-tuning the gameplay and graphics, and reworking some story elements. I am aware that another release date delay will come with a fair amount of backlash, but we can’t just ‘pump out a game,’ especially one that performs inadequately.”

It doesn’t help that expectations are sky high for Omori. The fans are ravenous. And while I’m not at that point, I’ll happily talk up what I’ve seen of the world, music, and scenario so far. It’s hard to put my finger on any one element, but I think the key is heart. This game seems to have a lot of heart.

I also love and loathe the foreboding text “One day left.” Unsettling words to see in any video game.

Omocat [Instagram]