Psychonauts is coming to PS4 'soon'


Double Fine by me!

[Update:Psychonauts is coming out soon, but not this week,” a Sony representative wrote in an update to the company’s weekly releases post. “Apologies for the error. Stay tuned for final timing!”]

Back in December, when Double Fine Productions announced Psychonauts 2 is a thing that’s happening, Destructoid asked company founder Tim Schafer if a remaster was also in the cards.

Schafer said that while his studio discusses the topic a lot, it “would involve a lot of remodeling” — way more than, say, Double Fine’s recent remasters ofGrim FandangoandDay of the Tentacle.

The Double Fine boss seemed more keen on the idea of taking advantage of Sony’s then-recently announced emulation software, which has been used to bring PlayStation 2 titles to PlayStation 4.

Back then, Schafer called the prospect of going that route an “exciting possibility,” but now that the PlayStation Blog has confirmed a slightly enhanced version of the classic platformer will be re-releasing on PlayStation 4 in North America this Tuesday, I suppose it’s now more of an ‘exciting reality.’

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