Psyvariar Delta is headed West on PS4 and Switch this Summer


Twitch-inducing action coming to U.S. and Europe

Dispatch Games have announced that the frantic RE-revamped edition of Success Corporation’s arcade shooter, Psyvariar, is headed West on PS4 and Nintendo Switch this Summer.

Psyvariar Delta is the latest iteration of the frenzied game, which attempts to put some meat on the original by way of new features including an XP system, tracked statistics and various new modes and options. These will include a Score Attack and Practice mode, a remixed soundtrack and downloadable new fighters as well as all the features from the previous release Psyvariar: Revision.

Of course, despite all these new additions and tweaks, the intense, bullet-dodging gameplay remains intact. Players will battle against wave after wave of enemies and bosses, creating a colourful and amazing visual experience, even if it does encourage heart palpitations.

Psyvariar Delta launches in Japan on PS4 and Nintendo Switch August 30, and is expected to land in the West very soon thereafter, available in both digital and physical form.