PUBG is free for the weekend


Chicken’s served

Everybody’s working for the weekend. And when the weekend comes, everyone’s playing PUBG. At least they could at no extra cost.

Once the world’s most popular battle royale game (but now fourth or lower), PUBGwill be free on Steam this weekend. PUBGhas changed a fair bit since the Early Access period, that summer in 2017 when it seemed like everyone was playing. It now has five maps, a dedicated ranked playlist, bots in casual lobbies, and a battle pass that’s hinged on completing daily/weekly/seasonal challenges.

For anyone who hadn’t already bought PUBG, the idea of paying for a major battle royale may seem a little strange. PUBGwas the first to explode in popularity and it cost $30. Since then, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty: Warzoneall surpassed PUBGand are free-to-play.

(Tangent: You’d think the $30 price tag would deter cheaters but nope. Cheating is still fairly rampant. I play about once a week and most sessions involve me filing at least one report that’s verified by that player catching a permaban. In fact, here’s a new message from PUBG Corp regarding the influx of cheaters who are ruining ranked.)

Anyway, PUBGis free for the weekend and chicken’s on the menu. If you like what you taste, it’s also on sale for $15 (50 percent off).

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