Puzzle & Dragons tops 50 million downloads


Up 9 million since January

GungHo Online’s cash cow Puzzle & Dragons has been downloaded more than 50 million times worldwide since the role-playing puzzle game’s launch in 2012, the company just announced.

The figure has risen by more than 9 million since January, when global numbers totaled 41 million, 6 million of which came out of North America. In August 2014, GungHo reported 37 million downloads internationally, with 4 million of those spread across the United States and Canada.

Earlier this year, GungHo and Nintendo releasedPuzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition for Nintendo 3DS. a two-in-one package alsocontaining the more RPG-heavy Puzzle & Dragons Z.

The mobile version of Puzzle & Dragons is availablefor free viaiTunes,Google Play, andAmazon.

全世界5000万DL達成記念イベント(前半)!! [GungHo Online via Dr. Serkan Toto]