Pyramid Head has joined Super Bomberman R


With Castlevania and Gradius cameos in tow

Just last night I was thinking that it had been way too long since I last played Super Bomberman R, a decent game that has seen noticeable improvements since launch. Instead, I started Mad Max. But tonight will be different! With the new update installed, you can now play as Vic Viper Bomber, Simon Belmont Bomber, and yes, Pyramid Head Bomber. I am all about these weird cameos.

These characters have special abilities. Vic can boost around, Simon can stun players or relocate bombs to get out of a jam, and Pyramid Head can stroll along and straight-up murder people he touches.

Patch 1.4 also has:

  • Four VS stages: Classic conveyor Belt, Panic Factory, Plain Floor, and Desert Fort.
  • Two new accessory lines: the Item and Snowflake series.
  • “Other than Battle Royale, the Team Battle is now available as a Battle Rule. In this mode, the team with the last survivor wins the match.”
  • “There are now more ways to win Gems and more Gems available. (Previously Gems could only be earned in the League Battle, but now all VS modes provide Gems.)”
  • Adjustments to the movement speed of the Power Zone.
  • Misc. small bug fixes.

This game continues to be a pleasant surprise out of Konami. The rest of its properties? Yeah…