Rad Rodgers is now available on consoles


The ’90s never died!

This news crept up on me, but Rad Rodgers is now available on Xbox One and PS4. Being released as a free update for previous owners on PC, the game now includes an additional five levels and some tuning to fix issues with game balance and puzzle design. This isn’t a proper conclusion to the game, mind you, but it does bring it closer to the original vision that developer Slipgate Studios had in mind.

For its original PC release, I found the game to be full of promise, but lacking in some departments. My biggest complaint was at the lack of consistency in design which has hopefully been addressed in this update. Even if it hasn’t, I found that original version of Rad Rodgers fun, so I have no doubts this new version is just as good.

Rad Rodgers (@RadRodgers) is now available for Xbox One https://t.co/ByzMTp92gA pic.twitter.com/PR964Yhqp9

— L a r r y H r y b (@majornelson) February 21, 2018

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