Radius Festival heading to Vienna this July


Indie games and beautiful architecture

Do you like indie games? What about beautiful hand-sculpted architecture? What about the thought of the two combined? Yes, such a wondrous combination of things is possible, particularly if you’re going to be in or around Vienna in early July.

Radius Festival, which took place in London during the summer of both 2013 and 2014, brings together a selection of indie developers from broad backgrounds to create a free to attend public showcase of accessible indie games. Last year’s London based event saw games from Rami Ismail and Mike Bithell right down to brand new indies showcasing their first games.

During the evenings of the event interviews with indie developers will be streamed online, live from the venue. When asked about the lack of a London Radius event this year, Radius organiser Georg Backer told us he’d still love to see it happen, but cost has been a factor.

“We really would love to make Radius London also happen this year. We tried to get it of the ground so far but unfortunately due to a mix of unforeseen circumstances and difficulty of securing an affordable central London location, we haven’t been able to yet.For us a central location is key because we want to make it as easy as possible for people to attend with the hope of also attracting random public foot-traffic and tourists. We also want to encourage people whomight normally not go to video games exhibitions (because they are big affairs and often further away from the centre) to drop by and checkout a wide diversity of games and meet the developers — it’s bringing games to the people.”

“When the Vienna location was offered to us, we were very excited as it’s an amazing opportunity: central in the heart of Vienna, lots of foot traffic and tourists, surrounded by Museums and a large public space… perfect!”

This year’s event is taking place at Vienna’s Ovalhalle museum from 9 July until 12 July. Submissions are still open for games to appear at the event so if you want to get a spot to show your game off then tell them all about it. Developers will have to sort their own travel and accommodation, but space at the event is free.